Prison Escape mod apk

Prison Escape Mod Apk 1.26 (Hack,Unlimited Money)

Prison Escape Mod Apk 1.26 (Hack,Unlimited Money) + Mod – An interesting action escape game for Android
Normal version + mod hack version (infinite money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Prison Escape Mod Apk Unlimited Money – Prison Escape is a compelling and fun game with a small volume in the style of action games from Words Mobile game development studio for Android, which is offered for free on Google Play, and at your request, its latest update with mod with unlimited money Available for download and in front of you! By installing Prison Escape on your tablet or Android phone, you can experience a captivating action game with very beautiful 3D graphics and exciting gameplay in which you play the role of a prisoner, and you have to escape from anyway. Implement the prison! As a prisoner, you have been convicted of assault and the sentence they have given you is death! If you do not want to be executed and survive, you must escape from prison anyway! To do this, it is better to make friends with other prisoners and get help from them to carry out your escape plan! One of the best ways to escape a tunnel under the dungeon is to choose where to start and how to reach your goal! If you are looking for a small and interesting game to fill your free time, do not miss Prison Escape in any way.

Prison Escape mod apk
Prison Escape mod apk

Prison Escape Mod Apk game has been downloaded millions of times by Android users around the world from Google Play and managed to get a score of 4.1 out of 5.0! You can first see pictures of the gameplay of Prison Escape game and finally, if you wish, download the latest version along with the mod from HackDL high-speed servers!

Prison Escape Mod Apk Changes in version V1.26

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting

Player Good Review:

  1. Prison Escape Mod Apk game is lit! I love the graphics! Badass game! Highly recommend it! I would rate it 10 stars! 🙂 One suggestion, please, please, please! Add a free mode where you can explore the prison freely without missions! Overall, great game! 😀
  2. Its amazing game. A incredible 3d game. And ourselves for settings to 3d,2d,1d.its superb controlism and superb game.that game was device of android controlism,that was a include for escapes of prisob on empired, its controlled easy and levels are so hard to higher levels to empire.
  3. Great game from the beginning to the end, even when at level 30 i taught that maybe it was impossible to get out i still got out. It would be nice of the developers could make a Prison Escape 2 game. More fun
  4. I..I really loved this game it gives me a best experience of fighting game.And this is what which makes this game awesome:- ✅Nice stories ✅ better map ✅Skillful ✅Amazing puzzley locks And so on….
  5. Prison Escape Mod Apk game is actually nice. I was amazed by the graphics since the game was small. Also the controls were well placed. But there is only one prob and I see other players complaining abt it. The story, the game has alot of potential. So it’s five for me

Player Bad Review:

  1. Once you pass level 10 you end up having to use power ups (expensive) to pass the levels. The guards take A LOT of health with just 1 strike, even with having everything maxed out (health, offense, defense etc..). Seems like this game is designed for you to spend spend spend your real dollars while bot providing any real incentive to do so, other than getting to the next level. The weapons aren’t even worth buying because they deal little damage. Uninstalling.
  2. Prison Escape Mod Apk Nice game the only problem i have is when i am unlocking something the stuff that you put as a password is hard the directions are hard can you make it easier pls dosent make sense i cant pass the level and make a way to destroy cameras because its hard to get trough them pls fix your gameIt was good till few levels after that game becomes too difficult. Sometimes attacks are missed. 2nd major thing i am not even able to buy gun, armor helmet etc. not able to store more money as it requires money for every stupid things … Even for bullets and all this is the only reason i delete this game. If i any failed any level the armory that used sink, and not recover if i restart the same level.
  3. Prison Escape Mod Apk is the most baddest game I have ever played The controls.are very bad and it seems like that my character do not want to move from its place . It has worst graphics. I try to walk away from the police,but he just turns and catch me when when he is not able to see me . It is the most baddest game I have ever played ??????
  4. 5oo is not enough to describe how Waste of time it is,…i have won many 9 mm bullets but they shows i have nothing, where they go,?Everything is too expensive, Once u kill some people’s in the survival mode then 3 police will come and make a pizza of u,no matter what u do,u must die, the doors will not open, cc camera had caught u?No matter you will die automatically.The guns are so expensive. U kill a man,they gives u honours as reward.And you can do nothing with this honours.what a shame…..
  5. Very bad game. I completed its 30/30 level just in three hours . And nothing is different in any level everything is same . Not interesting game . Very poor game don’t install it. Only boring ….. Boring …. And boring game . Nothing special. U will found.

Prison Escape MOD Features: Unlimited Money

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