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In Laser Quest Mod Apk, you travel to an interesting and sci-fi world. The game has a main part (Story Mode) and a fun and challenging part (Daily Challenges). In the Story Mode section, you have to follow the game in more than 100 thought and puzzle stages. Your main task is to connect a laser force to each other through reflectors. In fact, your main task is to build a path for the laser. This laser is emitted from a starting point (source). You must reflect the laser in another direction by turning the mirror-like items correctly. The goal is to get this laser to the endpoint (destination). Each stage of the game is associated with various challenges and puzzles, and you must proceed with logic and thought to succeed in the stages of the game. The structure of the game is such that you will be dealing with three-dimensional suspended space, and this may make it a little difficult for players to visualize the current situation. But on the other hand, this action has made Laser Quest game more realistic and beautiful than usual. In addition to the beautiful and eye-catching designs used in the game, Laser Quest has another special charm, which is its audible and impressive soundtrack. The game developer has recommended that you use headphones while playing the game to better understand Dolby technology and 3D game sound. Laser Quest game is now ready to download along with a modded version of HackL fast servers. The laser mission has managed to score 4.4 out of 5.0 due to its attractive features.