King of Avalon: Dominion Mod apk

King of Avalon: Dominion Mod Apk 13.5.0 (Hack, Unlimited Money)

NameKing of Avalon: Dominion Mod Apk
Android Version RequiredNo
Mod Hack InfoUnlocked

King of Avalon: Dominion Mod Apk 13.5.0 (Hack, cracked Unlocked) – The fascinating strategy game “King of Avalon” for Android
A very well-made and popular game with more than 10 million downloads
Tested by running online

About the gameplay

King of Avalon Mod APK Unlimited Money – King of Avalon is the title of another popular game of Century Game Studio. In the style of strategy games, which soon became one of the most popular trends in this genre for Android devices. The studio gained a lot of popularity by making other games such as Guns of Glory, and now with the release of King Oulon, the game is progressing even more.

King of Avalon: Dominion mod apk unlimited money

With the production of King of Avalon Unlimited gold the studio actually wanted to establish itself in the competition of strategy games, many examples of which have been produced. This game examines the story of the epic and legendary hero in the history of King Arthur from another perspective. As we know, the character of King Arthur is one of the most popular and legendary historical figures that has been mentioned in many works of art and video games.

Graphics and sound

Epic battles and the change of course of war by this person is one of the reasons he became famous. Now in King of Avalon: Dominion, this character is shown again, and a special story is told about him. Of course, the main story of this game revolves around other events, but the beginning of these stories is related to this character. According to the story, King Arthur is drawn into a bloody war due to the conspiracy and betrayal of his nephew (Mordred) and is defeated and killed in an unjust battle. His body is buried in a sacred area inside Avalon Castle next to his famous Sword of Excalibur. This sword is not an ordinary sword and has supernatural powers.

King of Avalon: Dominion Mod apk

Realistic elements

In king of avalon dominion mod apk + obb, the great kingdom of Ovalon has been divided into several and autonomous parts, and a deadly riot has begun between these parts. Everyone has fought each other to reach the throne and, more importantly, to obtain the Excalibur sword. But this kingdom will be for one person only, and it is no one but someone who can defeat his rivals and build his kingdom sooner than others.

King of Avalon: Dominion Hack Apk

Create your own world

Now you have to build your base in the role of one of these groups and form an independent kingdom and fight with others for power. The game themes and themes are related to the Crusades in a part of England. You have to start building and expanding a kingdom very quickly. There are many enemies in this path that will destroy you and plunder your resources if you are negligent. So you have to work on different parts of your base and build a strong area.

King of Avalon: Dominion Mod apk Offline


In king of avalon mod apk (unlimited gold 2022), you can use a variety of equipment, weapons and forces, including various soldiers and even the legendary dragon to deal with enemies. The whole game is online, and you can play online with other players around the world. You can play individually or experience this game as a group by joining other clones. There are dozens of items, achievements, resources and other things throughout this strategy game that can keep you entertained for a long time. King of Avalon: Dominion game with more than 10 million downloads and a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 can now be downloaded as a test from HackDL.

King of Avalon: Dominion Changes in version 13.4.0

What’s New:
The Anniversary Celebration series is coming!
Optimized the requirement to send Alliance M

Player Good Review

  1. It is a constant struggle to not pay money because it is very tempting. But I love the plot and I have made some really amazing friends here. The politics are interesting, and it’s very player-driven with enough events that it doesn’t grow old. Player beware, this game may hook you like you’ve never been hooked before.
  2. After reach stronghold level 7 , patch of legend can open , I think is so very good to start build base for new player , because at patch of legend you can get wood and food , is so good , but is just start to build , after reach level 12 you must get hard work to play this game and spend some money to build you base more strong , so this version is good and very good to new player start play.. Patch of legend part don’t change it again , ok
  3. This is by far my favorite RTS war game. It has a great RPG element, but it is an RTs game. Great people. Great gameplay. Seldom do i gave functionality issues. Responsive support. Great graphics. Mountains of events. For best experience for new players, join the newest kingdoms. Do know. Free to play. Pay to win. But with strategic spending. It’s reasonable. Watch what you buy! ADDICTION WARNING! My opinion – Warwolf gear. Research gems. War strategy accolade are worth it if serious about game.
  4. I really like fighting enemies I also really like how like you build new buildings that do different things one of my favorite parts is l the mechanics I do not know if I like a game more than this one except one I like more but when my little brother and I aren’t playing the one that I like more this is the one I like to get on and play I just got it yesterday, and I’m already addicted I hope you all continue to make more games like this one building huge buildings and upgrading troop sand building
  5. It was alot of fun in the beginning.then things slow down real quick.i like the talking in the makes the game more realistic as far as game play. More fun. But if you don’t purchase, getting resources is slow..and if you can’t earn protection.your castle can get attacked, and you can’t do anything about it. It’s purchase more then you can earn. But..everyone has their own opinion.

Player Bad Review

  1. King of Avalon offline Mod APK Good game with nice tactics and strategy features. I was looking for a new strategy game after growing bored with the last one I played for several years. Shame about the players though – having played for a few days, hardly any active alliances are present. And the existing players – completely hostile. Not a single alliance on the world with active players prepared to take new players, even with proof of not being “a spy”. Summary: good game, shame about the players. I wouldn’t bother!
  2. The pictures and demo are highly deceptive. This game is just like the older version of King of Avalon, only it has an interesting opening with voice acting. Players beware: this game can be utterly grueling and forces the player to try and pay attention to it at all times for other players attacking them. This is a very competitive PvP game with alliances.
  3. The King of Avalon: Dominion Mod Apk is a massive con. Every month, there are events you grind for that award points for upgrading items. Different things to upgrade and earn points on every day for a week. However, every month it does not register points for one or more items. The rewards by the way are items worth hundreds of pounds if you want to buy them. Avoid this game. Customer service are a total joke and waste of time and game owners happy to fleece you out of your money. If I had more than 500 characters……
  4. This game is nothing like the ads ive been seeing. There’s no island, no floating up to the beach on a raft, no fishing, tree chopping. none of what you advertise is actually part of the game except you get a dragon that doesn’t follow you or get you food or anything. Why not advertise it like the game actually is. Very disappointed in the Base n switch routeen
  5. This is obviously a ‘Pay to Win’ game, but I had no problem with that. Unfortunately, after a certain level – about stronghold 20 – it becomes a ‘pay to take part’ game where you are just food for those willing to spend the most money. A well-designed King of Avalon: Dominion Mod Apk by the devs, but spoiled by the PtW system. Since then, I have decided to stop playing, only to discover there is no way to close your account and remove your personal details. I would now suggest new players avoid this game completely.

FAQs / People also ask?

Q. Is King of Avalon: Dominion Mod apk safe to download and play?

Yes, This is a 100% safe game to download and play in your smartphone.

Q. How to play King of Avalon: Dominion Mod apk on my PC?

You can play This Is on your PC BYB getting a valid android emulator like BlueS tacks on your PC.

Q. How can we play King of Avalon: Dominion hack apk?

This game is not that hard to play. The controls of this game are given on the screen, you can press them according to the directions you want your car to go.

Q. How can I get unlimited Money in King of Avalon: Dominion Mod apk?

This game is a mod version, which means that you will get unlimited resources without paying any single penny.

Features of Mod Hack Version

1. Only remove ads
2. Unlocked

Free Download Link

Download Direct Link Original APK – 551M

Download Direct Link MOD APK – 456M AS Soon

  • Android version required: 4.1 and above
  • Prices in the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +17 years

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