Age of Magic mod apk

Age of Magic Mod Apk 1.42 (Hack Unlocked)

Age of Magic Mod Apk 1.42 (Hack cracked Unlocked) – fascinating role-playing game “Age of Magic” for Android
A great graphic title with nearly 5 million downloads on Google Play
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Age of Magic Mod Apk Unlocked – Age of Magic is a very well-made and admirable game from Playkot LTD game studio in Cyprus, which is produced for free and developed for Android mobile phones and tablets. Playkot LTD has not yet found its rightful place among the audience and has not released many projects yet. But the few games made by this developer have been good enough to make the company proud. After the release of games like Supercity: Build a Story, Playkot has now moved on to a very controversial and professional high-level game to prove it has a lot to say.

Age of Magic Mod Apk

Age of Magic is actually a turn-based fantasy role-playing game set in battles between groups of heroes in a mythical world. A world that was largely destroyed by a black curse a few years ago, and now only ruins remain. Now, after a long time, legendary and epic heroes have come to this ancient and imaginary world to fight in battles with the enemies in order to seize power. A few hundred years ago, at a time when the world was just in the grip of darkness, a philosophical dragon predicted that one day a special hero would emerge and go to the Dark Tower and seize power. But this hero may be a devil!

Age of Magic mod apk
Enjoy the unlocked content with our mod

In Age of Magic Mod Apk, we see fierce battles between these heroes. In this violent world, you have to form a monopoly group and put up to 5 champions in your team and then compete with others to not let them take power. The Magic Age game can be summarized in two main parts. One is the stage and story section and the other is the PvP competition section. In the story section, you have to carry out dangerous missions as the savior of humanity and embark on a very dangerous journey to stop Satan and his army.

Age of Magic Unlocked apk
Age of Magic Unlocked apk

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Your main goal is to reach the Dark Tower and destroy the great devil and restore peace and tranquility to the world. In this way, you have to face the demonic forces and defeat them one after the other, so that you can finally go to the main goal and defeat him! In the PvP section, you can also compete with other players online with your group of 5 people. An interesting section has been provided for the management of team members in order to upgrade and personalize so that you can upgrade your forces by purchasing various items. Apart from these sections, there are other sub-modes in Age of Magic whose experience is not without merit.

Age of Magic Hack Apk
Age of Magic Hack Apk

The high quality of the graphics and sound

Regarding the game’s graphics, which is undoubtedly its best feature, it should be said that the amazing details used in this graphic will remind you of the HD graphics of the new generation of console games. Get to work and prepare your legendary heroes for battle and use special spells and spells to confront and battle with others. Age of Magic game has been released for free with nearly 5 million downloads and a score of 4.3 out of 5.0. You can download the latest official update of this game as a test and for free from HackDL. We recommend that you take a look at the game trailer video to get better acquainted with its features.

Note: The game is online and Mod version of it is not available [AS Soon].

Age of Magic Mod Apk Changes in version 1.42

Changes in the new version
Legendary Mode and new level gear Items!
New Season of Magic Pass and Melee Damage from the Dragon kin Faction!
As well as other changes and improvements.
You can read the full list of changes on the game’s newsgroups on Facebook and Discord.

Age of Magic mod apk latest version
Age of Magic mod apk latest version

Player Good Review:

  1. If you are looking for a game that will allow you to funnel loads of money with little to no payback, You’re in luck with this gem. You can spend money on magic passes, characters, resources, level ups, and gear. Tons of useless customizations and useless items that you will never use. Also check out the photos in Google play. These are my favorite gameplay modes, because they are so difficult to access. That’s one thing they won’t let you spend money to unlock.
  2. A large roster game with an actual focus on story, and characters that have personalities. It’s hard to articulate just how much better this game is compared to something like raid. It’s SO MUCH better. Your not just collecting characters, and strengthening them. You have a reason to. Vastly superior to most of It’s kind. Think guardians tale but 3D modes and a more mature mood. I would easily pay $20 for this. But have yet to pay a dime.
  3. They are getting a little crazy with all the new heroes, there are plenty of old ones that need reworked and made valid. Other than the cash grab they have been doing. It’s really a good game. I’ve been at it bout a year and a half. I’ve only paid for ingame items 2x. Free to play players can still have fun in these pay to win games.
  4. This game is awsome!.Love the graffics and story.But one thing is going wrong in this game…Somtimes when im starting the game it goes dark like the image go’s off.I have to quit the game and restart it.Plus it kicks me out to.But other than that this game is great.. Looking toward in what’s coming new.Thank you guys.O and please can that situation can be fixed?. Blessings to all..HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!.
  5. This is a TANFASTIC Fantasy RPG!! Not QUITE an idle RPG, this game makes up for whatever you think might be lacking! Great storyline, cool characters, even the fight scenes are cool (even at 4x speed! LOL ). Download this App, and you’ll forget about ALL the others! ??

Player Bad Review:

  1. My original review for this game was 5 stars! I loved the pace of the game and the choices you needed to make in order to collect the heroes and improve their power. I was having a blast in my clan planning wars and raids. If it wasnt for them, I’d probably quit after the last update. The game went from amazing to horrible in 2 updates. They are turning something that I was happy to spend money on, into a casino, just like Raid Shadow Legends and any other game of the sort. Lost their way. Sad.
  2. Used to be a great game. Over the last several months the game has diminished greatly… P2W model has overwhelmingly increased. Latest update has doubled the price of “Magic Pass” while diminishing rewards offered to players. $$$ *Please don’t bother to reply with the standard – but you can play for free response. Sure you can 😉 if you don’t want to accomplish anything or be remotely competitive.
  3. When I started playing at the beginning of this year, I enjoyed the f2p features the most. Over time, I was a loyal player who played everyday. I eventually caved and paid for some amenities which were reasonably priced. But all good things come to an end. Updates after updates, f2p features lessened exponentially while p2w increased. Updates should enhance the game, not destroy it. Hope PK goes back to the drawing board and bring their loyal fans back.
  4. Love this game. Been playing for more than half a year now. UPDATE: 2 years later, Playkot shows how greedy they have become. Adding cosmetic changes and changes that benefit only paying players while increasing prices. They will occasionally ban players for suspicion of cheating, without offering concrete proof. Do yourself a favor and avoid this game.
  5. Started playing this game and considered it quite fun. However, greed has taken hold and now this game, like many others, caters to heavy spenders. Heroes can cost thousands of dollars to max out. Last two updates are very spend heavy, and the price of the season pass which helped light spenders doubled in the most recent update. Very likely I’ll stop playing this shortly as the free to play grind is too much and accomplishes little

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  • Android version required: 4.0.3 and above
  • Prices on the market (for information!): Free
  • Age of Play: +3 years

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